Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Divorce

Can You Keep The Same Lifestyle After Divorce?

Divorce comes with many adjustments, inconveniences and problems. One of the many questions you must address is whether you will be able to maintain your existing standard of living after your marriage ends. You may ask yourself:

  • Will I have to pay spousal maintenance or child support? If so, will I have to make other financial sacrifices to afford these mandatory payments?
  • How will the equitable distribution of marital assets, such as joint real estate and bank accounts, affect my financial situation?
  • If I earn significantly less than my ex-spouse, will the spousal support payments I receive be enough to keep my current lifestyle?

At the New York City law firm of Green Kaminer Min & Rockmore LLP, we understand the uncertainties and concerns you face. Our mission is to help you maintain an acceptable standard of living and safeguard your financial future to the fullest extent possible. Let our team of seasoned lawyers review your unique situation with you and offer the professional legal counsel you require.

The New York Courts Will Consider Many Different Factors

The family law courts take into account the standard of living established during the marriage. They will also consider other factors such as:

  • Who has been paying the majority of expenses during the marriage
  • How much each party contributed to the marriage
  • Whether the marital contributions were financial or nonfinancial (such as caring for the children)
  • Which marital assets are available to divide between the parties
  • Whether either party is entitled to spousal maintenance
  • Whether either party will be required to pay child support

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