International Child Custody

Creating International Child Custody Agreements

Creating a parenting plan that truly works for everyone often takes careful thought and strategic negotiation. Developing a custody and visitation plan that transcends national borders calls for even more skill.

For experienced help with international child custody and visitation agreements, call the New York City law firm of . We have been representing parents in Manhattan, across the state and the U.S., and abroad for more than 40 years. In every case, we tailor our approach to meet our clients’ unique needs. We understand that your family is different than anyone else’s, and for this reason, you deserve customized counsel.

Do you need a parenting time agreement that will allow your child to live part-time in the U.S. and part-time in another country? Our lawyers have experience with these situations.

Beware Of Taking Your Child Across The Border Without The Court’s Approval

If you want to relocate to a different country with your children, it is imperative that you first obtain permission from the court. Without prior approval, you may find yourself facing criminal charges and/or civil charges for child abduction.

Let advise you and advocate on your behalf. Our mission is to accomplish your goals while protecting you from negative consequences. We have detailed knowledge of the Hague Convention, the International Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA) and related laws regarding custody and international relocation.

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