Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution In Divorce

From valuing small businesses during divorce to fairly dividing 401(k)s, the attorneys at Green Kaminer Min & Rockmore LLP have the acute legal knowledge required to protect clients’ legal rights and financial security. From our Manhattan office, we are available to assist clients around the world with the equitable distribution of:

Skillfully Analyzing Complex Financial Documents

To be successful in high-asset divorce cases, an attorney must be able to understand and interpret complex financial documents during the discovery process. Our lawyers excel at doing exactly that. They meticulously review expense reports, tax returns, business credit card records and a diverse spectrum of other documents to develop an accurate and comprehensive financial picture. This is the first and most critical step in most equitable distribution cases.

Our Varied Backgrounds Benefit Clients In Property Division Cases

Although they both focus primarily on family law matters, attorneys Barbara L. Burger and Nancy M. Green come from very different backgrounds. Their divergent perspectives give them the ability to view complex cases from multiple angles, which in turn leads to more innovative and effective solutions. For instance, Ms. Green’s experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions frequently leads to more efficient property division settlements.

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