Contested And Uncontested Divorce: New York City Attorneys

During divorce, emotions can run high, particularly when children, property and valuable assets are in dispute. Even when the parties want to work together through mediation, they can experience a great deal of stress and fear of the unknown. At Green Kaminer Min & Rockmore LLP we understand what is at stake, which is why we go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to achieve optimal results.

Equitable Distribution

One of the primary and most important steps in any divorce or separation is the equitable division of the marital assets and debts. Assets may include cash accounts, real estate holdings, securities, 401(k) plans, pensions, investment portfolios, stock options, deferred compensation, enhanced earnings and degrees earned during the marriage.

Our attorneys work closely with accountants and forensic experts to analyze complex financial issues. We are familiar with the processes involved in the valuation of businesses, professional degrees and licenses, and we have significant experience representing clients in high-asset divorces.

Comprehensive Representation

In addition to property division, there are numerous other family law issues that can stem from divorce or separation. Our attorneys analyze and resolve all issues and concerns that arise, including child custody and spousal support (maintenance).

Our clients benefit from our honest, straightforward approach to handling their legal matters, as well as our many years of experience. If you are at the initial stages of a divorce or separation, it is important to remember that you have many options, and you will be making many decisions throughout the process. Our lawyers will consider all of the facts and provide you with advice and guidance based on your unique situation and our in-depth understanding of New York’s matrimonial laws.

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