Making Changes To Existing Court Orders

At Burger Green & Min LLP, we represent clients in Manhattan, across New York, and abroad who need to modify court orders with regard to child custody or child support. In child custody or visitation cases, we can advise you about moving out of state or out of the country with your child, defending against the other parent's proposed move, adjusting parenting time schedules and more.

In child support cases, we can help you pursue an increase or a decrease in the payment amount, if you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances or it has been three years since the original support order was entered.

Providing Strong Advocacy In Enforcement Proceedings

At Burger Green & Min LLP, we have considerable experience enforcing existing court orders by bringing contempt of court proceedings against negligent parties.

Our lawyers have also defended many individuals facing contempt proceedings in New York. In these cases, the burden of proof is on the paying parent to show the court that he or she did not willfully withhold payments without a legitimate reason.

Our experience and detailed knowledge of New York law makes us ideally equipped to represent your interests, no matter which side of the dispute you find yourself on.

Call A Seasoned Lawyer At Burger Green & Min LLP

To learn more about modifying or enforcing court orders, call our New York City office at 212-235-1786 or send us an email. Our attorneys are ready to meet with you in a one-on-one, confidential consultation to discuss your particular needs and goals.