Offering Comprehensive Family Law Assistance

Difficult family law matters call for legal representation from attorneys who command respect both in and out of the courtroom. At Burger Green & Min LLP, we enjoy a reputation as highly experienced and capable leaders in the area of family and matrimonial law in New York.

We are skilled negotiators, and many of our cases are resolved without going to trial. However, we are also tenacious litigators who will not hesitate to represent clients' interests in the courtroom if necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our family and matrimonial law work includes:

We Also Represent Clients In International Cases

Our attorneys have extensive experience in family law cases that have an international component. We have represented clients located in New York who are divorcing a spouse located overseas and vice versa. We routinely work with foreign lawyers, and we often navigate complex jurisdictional issues. International child abduction cases are some of the most sensitive and challenging legal matters we handle. We are considered leaders in this unique area of law.

Obtain Personalized Legal Guidance In A One-On-One Consultation

No matter what family law matter you are facing, we are prepared to assist you. We invite you to contact our New York City family law attorneys to discuss the details of your case. Call Burger Green & Min LLP, at 212-235-1786 or email our office to arrange a consultation.